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Watch Lilies (1996) : Full Movie Online Free 1952: Bishop Bilodeau visits a québécois prison to hear the confession of a boyhood friend jailed for murder 40 years ago. The inmates force the prelate to watch a play depicting what really happened in 1912. We meet him as a young man, strait-laced, intent on convincing Simon (now the convict) to join the seminary with him.

Genre: , ,

Production Company: Turbulent Arts

Release: Sep 07, 1996

Production Countries: Canada

Quality: HD

Rating: 7.5

Casts: Brent Carver, Marcel Sabourin, Aubert Pallascio, Jason Cadieux, Matthew Ferguson, Danny Gilmore, Ian D. Clark, Gary Farmer, Robert Lalonde, Rémy Girard, John Dunn-Hill

Tom at the Farm
Love, Simon
Wild Reeds
I Killed My Mother
4 Moons